Weighty foundation

Solid wood and metal are the best choice for a bed frame. These materials are strong and durable. Such a bed will last for decades. A more economical option is a wood chipboard with wood lamination. In this case, price and quality are directly dependent.

As for the form in which the material is clothed - it all depends on your preferences. In a small bedroom, a bed with thin high legs looks more advantageous - this makes the frame more weightless and light. At the same time, deaf backrests will allow you to build a storage system under the bed - drawers are a great way to save space. Do not forget about the rollaway transformer beds that can be hidden in a closet, wall or catwalk. This is a great solution for small rooms.

At the bottom

The rack bottom or bed base is a slatted floor. It can be directly part of the frame or attached separately. In any case, its main characteristic is the number of jumpers. Thirty pieces is the minimum number for a double bed. The main function of the rack base is the load distribution on the mattress. Even the simplest bottom adapts to body weight and increases the elasticity of the mattress.
More complex mechanisms can be adjusted at three to five points, with the base taking physiological bends. Due to this, pressure on the hips and shoulders is reduced, which ensures the maximum level of comfort during sleep. The effect is similar to a professional massage session.

Soft spot

Hard or soft? Spring loaded, latex or polyurethane? The choice of mattresses is huge. The main thing is to determine the budget and basic requirements. A soft mattress is not the best choice for your back. Unless this option is conditional on your medical condition or your personal urgency. It is best to choose a medium-hard or hard mattress. Polyurethane and latex are synthetic fibers that are great for filling a mattress. At the same time, they provide good support and comfort during sleep. High-quality polyurethane mattresses have a memory effect, that is, they “remember” the bends of your body and provide maximum support during sleep.
Spring mattresses also come with a filler made of synthetic materials, as well as with a layer of coconut palm fiber, which ensures the best air circulation. Springs are better to choose a pocket type. In this case, even if your bedmate likes tossing and turning in a dream, this will not bother you at all. And of course, do not forget about buying a mattress cover - it is hygienic and convenient: washing a mattress cover is much simpler than putting the mattress in dry cleaning.

Size matters

Traditionally, a double bed has a size of 160x200 and 180x200 cm. Single beds are respectively 80x200 and 90x200 cm. The choice of size depends solely on your requirements and the dimensions of the bedroom. Remember that there should be at least 70 cm between the wall and the side wall of the bed so that you can freely approach your bedroom or put a bedside table. Consider the required area for drawers. Otherwise, the choice is obvious - the more the better.
The headboard also affects its size. It can be high, low, soft or with integrated shelves. It is better if the back is slightly angled, then it will be more convenient to lie down on it during reading or secret nighttime snacks. The massive soft back looks spectacular, but it takes up a lot of space and is not always convenient, since it is adjacent to the wall without forming an inclination. You can make the head of the bed yourself, using the simplest materials - wood or chipboard. Decorate it with pillows or reading lights.

Right design

Upholstered beds are the choice of those who truly value homeliness. The original design of the back, voluminous draped pillows are responsible for comfort and make the interior airy, and the rounded corners of the model protect against accidental impacts on the sharp edges of the bed.

As for the upholstery of the bed, it can always be quickly and inexpensively changed and instantly transform the general appearance of the room. The ability to combine several types of fabric in one model will also help refresh the familiar interior. By the way, thanks to the soft upholstery of the bed of impressive size (maximum width - 2 meters), they fit easily even into small rooms and look elegant.

To facilitate the care of soft interior beds, experts recommend betting on special fabrics that get dirty a little, including eco-leather and chenille.